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May 8th, 2014 Posted by Growth, Insight, Navigation, Transformation, Uncategorized 0 comments on “IT’S THE GARAGE EXPERIENCE IN YOUR HEAD”
Vintage Garage Door Covered With Rust And Chipped Paint

Big ideas spring from living the “garage” experience…

Secrets to innovation lie in aspiration combined with consumer empathy!

By Bob Wheatley

You’ve heard the stories: Google, Apple, H-P and other silicon icons and business category disruptors all started in a garage. So will the NEXT great leap — perhaps the ability to teleport yourself anywhere instantly, solve America’s obesity crisis or build engines that run on oxygen — be birthed and incubated in a garage? That’s apparently where innovation and the next generation’s leading transformational brainstorm and company will be invented, right?


The Four Keys to Successful Brand Building in the Relationship Era

April 30th, 2013 Posted by Uncategorized 0 comments on “The Four Keys to Successful Brand Building in the Relationship Era”
Target Your Customers Hand

Consumers are not targets, they are people to build relationships with.

Brands must become more human. Now what…?

By Bob Wheatley

I apologize. This post is a bit soapbox-ish. Can you feel the exhorting wind up? Well. Here goes…

There’s a saying: old habits die hard(er). For some businesses that’s a godsend as consumers come back again and again, if for no other reason than the intractable benefits of habit. It’s also true in default marketing behaviors, but these days with decidedly more frustrating results.

It’s harder than ever to market to consumers. The typical “build a positioning platform, message test and run it out there through every relevant channel” is harder to make stick. Why? Consumers work overtime to avoid contact with attempts at persuasion or anything that resembles it.