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The Relentless March to Premium

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Part 3: Reimagining Food and Beverage in America

At the very center of the remarkable and unstoppable change reinventing food and beverage in America, is the advance to higher quality. It is a cultural shift up. And when food culture elevates, you must move with it or risk losing relevance.

This prompts a very fundamental question: Is the broader American population becoming increasingly “foodie”? The answer is yes. And the shift is in motion. What constitutes a higher quality food and beverage experience is changing, and with it comes a host of opportunities to redefine existing categories and create new ones.



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Taste and desire at odds with healthy?

By Bob Wheatley

At the recent national FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo) convention in Houston, the largest annual gathering of nutrition and dietary experts, one of the best-attended “hot topic” presentations dug into the perennial challenge of healthy vs. human. And in doing so uncovered massive opportunities for food and beverage businesses to help consumers lead healthier lifestyles.


Indulgent brand paradox: how to operate in a world leaning into healthier choice

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Boys and Pizza

Can indulgent choices exist in a healthy diet?

By Bob Wheatley

Your running a business that at its core is indulgent. The brand story more closely aligned with pleasurable tastes experiences, or quality ingredients than with a DNA founded directly in healthier choice.

You know the consumer environment is moving increasingly towards recognition that food and beverage decisions can impact quality of life. And you wonder: can indulgent coexist with healthier? Are these paths mutually resistant to one another or is alignment possible? Is there a scenario downstream where consumers increasingly become more adamant about healthy and how do you answer this shift in preference?